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Technical Background  >>
Product Overview  >>
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Materials Technology  >>
Technical advantages  >>
The main parameters  >>
Suspension Mode  >>
Selection parameter table  >>
Medallions form  >>
Windage area-Feiteng lighting  >>
Power lifter for stadium mast  >>
Enclosed pulley frame  >>
Guiding Device  >>
Wire rope and power cable system...  >>
Enclosed winch  >>
Drive Motor  >>
Driver In side pole  >>
Protable drive  >>
Electrical parts  >>
Breaking device for highmast  >>
Double lifter  >>
Power lifter for stadium mast  >>

Through the three-phase motor driven hoist design work will Medallions raised to height, rotating hook work, uninstall the lamp panel by hooking the rope fixed to the pole on the top pulley bracket assembly, lift linkage guiding device during work to ensure the smooth Lamp upgrading, to avoid wind effects on the lamps and electrical components of the damage and loss. Vehicles with anti-slip protection device-specific winches and brakes are in working condition, and prevent belt slippage, a sudden power failure or wire breakage caused by accidental security risks.

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