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Technical Background  >>
Product Overview  >>
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Materials Technology  >>
Technical advantages  >>
The main parameters  >>
Suspension Mode  >>
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Medallions form  >>
Windage area-Feiteng lighting  >>
Power lifter for stadium mast  >>
Enclosed pulley frame  >>
Guiding Device  >>
Wire rope and power cable system...  >>
Enclosed winch  >>
Drive Motor  >>
Driver In side pole  >>
Protable drive  >>
Electrical parts  >>
Breaking device for highmast  >>
Double lifter  >>
Power lifter for stadium mast  >>

The main parameters 
¡ªMax. Lighting power£º18KW
¡ªPole height£º15¡«50M
¡ªSafety working load£º200¡«1000KG
¡ªBrake distance£º¡Ü2m (note£ºneed fix braking system£©
¡ªAverage raising rate£º3.6m/m
¡ªMotor power£º370W¡«2.1KW
¡ªMax. safety working wind speed 10m/s
¡ªWire rope safety factor £¬8 times of safety working load

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